The Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public information and the Relations with religious communities, in accordance with the Law and Statute, deals with the business of the Provincial Administration in the sector of culture, the protection of cultural heritage, cinematography, endowment, funds and foundations, library acitivity, publishing publications, interregional collaboration in the section of culture, along with the protection of rights of the intellectual property in the section of culture , in relation to the preparation of the acts of the Assembly or the Provincial Government


The Csongràd – Csanàd county is in South Hungary, on both sides of the Tisza river, on the border with Serbia and Romania. It is on the border with the Hungarian counties Bács – Kiskun, Jász – Nagykun Szolnok and Békés. The administrative centre of the Csongràd – Csanàd county is Szeged. The county is also the part of the Euroregion the Danube – Kris – the Mureş – the Tisza.

The county Csongràd – Csanàd has a great number of the sunny hours and the excellent soil, what makes it the most important agricultural territory of Hungary. The county is also rich with crude oil and natural gas. Its most important river is the Tisza.

Due to its geographical position, the county has big international transit traffic. The two significant border crossings are Röszke ( towards Serbia ) and Nădlac ( towards Romania).

Szeged is one of the most essential cultural, public educational and scientific centres of Hungary. Besides the Szeged University, there are also scientific – research localities of the national significance.

The famous museums and exhibition venues of the county include the Museum of Móra Ferenc in Szeged, the Museum of Tornyai János in Hódmezővásárhely, the gallery and the memorial place Alfeldi, the Museum of Joszef Attila in Makó and the Museum of Koszta József in Szentes.


By the Provincial Assembly’s decision about the setting – up of ’European Affairs fund’ of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina ( the Official Gazette, AP Vojvodina, number 13 / 2009 and 2 / 2010 ) the ’European Affairs’ fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina was established and it was labelled as the legal follower of the Office for European Affairs of the Assembly of Vojvodina of AP Vojvodina.

The fund was established in order to follow, analyse and implement the European integration processes and the creation and enforcement of the institutional capacities of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, so to involve, more rapidly, the Republic of Serbia in the major European political and economic updates, and the realisation of economic, scientific, educational and cultural collaboration with the European cities and regions and their institutions.

’To the future one should go. All the happier nations look at the future and go towards it.’

Miloš Crnjanski


The project activities are made with the purpose to enhance the presence of the cultural heritage in everyday lives of the young, just as their intensive participation in the processes of the conservation of cultural heritage via learning and comprehension of the cultural essence of diversities, thanks to the availibility of digital media among the young generations.

The project predicts three outcomes – the increased level of knowledge in the field of the conservation of cultural heritage with the focus on the preservation and restoration, which will be achieved by the creation of educational material adjusted to the young and the realisation of the workshops where the materially cultural heritage of the South – Bačka county and Csongràd – Csanàd county will be presented, along with the non – materially cultural heritage of Csongràd – Csanàd county, followed by the study trip where the models of conservation and restoration could be seen. The next outcome is digital informative system for data collection and publishing and the news on cultural heritage in the cross – border region which involves the Internet website, online brochure and mobile phone application – the electronic touristy tour.

Due to the beginning of Interreg – IPA project Hungary – Serbia, named ’ The Young and Heritage – tradition and future in the cross-border region – HERINFUTUR ’, there was the video conference held.

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“The protection and promoting of material cultural heritage “

The IPA project of the cross-border collaboration Serbia – Hungary ’ The Young and Heritage ’ was presented

’ The protection and promoting of material cultural heritage ’

’ The protection and promoting of material cultural heritage’

’ The protection and promoting of material cultural heritage’

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