The fourth workshop entitled "The protection and promoting of material cultural heritage " was held

Szeged , 28th and 29th March – in the Self – Government institution of Csongrád – Csanád county , there was the fourth two-day workshop ,within the project of the cross-border collaboration IPA Hungary-Serbia , whose participants were the students from Art schools from Novi Sad and Szeged in Hungary .

On the fourth workshop , held in the Self- Government building of the County Csongrád – Csanád , on the first day , the students followed the lecture on the topic of cultural treasury and hungaricum of the County Csongrád – Csanád . The lecture was held by Robert Mikloś, the referent for the territorial development of the County Csongrád – Csanád . The participants became familiar with the county’s treasury and hungaricum , while seeing the temporary exhibition , with the aim of presenting the most famous values of the County Csongrád – Csanád . After that , the participants toured the city, they met with the diverse world of the painting art of the South Alfeld and with the art of Ferenc Joachim ,the impressionist, whose art they saw in the Black House .

On the second day of the fourth workshop , in the cultural institution ’ Eden Heler ’ , the participants had the workshop of bulrush ( the contribution of the association ’ The Bulrush woven ’ , and after that , there was a tour od Szeged by the desk bus . In the end, there was a culturally educational programme in the cultural-educational centre ’ Saint Sava ’ , organised by the Serbian cultural public association ’ Banat ’ .