Due to the beginning of Interreg – IPA project Hungary – Serbia, named ’ The Young and Heritage – tradition and future in the cross-border region – HERINFUTUR ’, there was the video conference held.

On the 18th December 2020 , in the rooms of The Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina , there was the video conference due to the beginning of Interreg – IPA project Hungary – Serbina , named ’ The Young and Heritage – tradition and future in the cross-border region – HERINFUTUR ’.

As the host of the video conference , the director of ’ The European Affairs ’ fund APV Aleksandar Simurdić opened it , who , on that occasion, emphasized that historical circumstances created some new cultural opportunities , which connect us all . He also highlighted that the cultural protection of the heritage is our pledge for the future , and that is the reason why the young are the focus of that project . The entire heritage belongs to everybody and that is the reason why , during the last several decades , it is the part of the public
discourse and the primary resource for the development of the creative economy .

’ The heritage ensures cultural continuity , the identification process and the strengthening of the individual and collective identity , the respect towards the other cultures and the diversity of cultural expressions , the affirmation of symbolic , educational , social , economic and other vaules . Simultaneously , the cultural heritage is the base for the development of creative society and the means of the incentive of the local economic development . The recognition of the potential and continual managing of the cultural heritage should serve to local self – governments as the frame for its involvement in the other local developing strategies and projects. The cultural heritage can be also relevant in relation to the local plan of the environmental protection or local strategy within the tourism development . The revitalisation of the urban places is one of the effects of the rehabilitation of cultural heritage , what is, among other things, one of the programme goals of Novi Sad in the preparations for 2021 , as the year of the European capital of culture . The last, but not the least important , cultural heritage is also relevant for the incentive of entrepreneurship , just as for the development of smaller and medium companies ’ , was highlighted by Simurdić .

The Provincial Secretary for Culture , Public information and the Relations of religious communities , Dragana Milošević , along with the vice-president of the Assembly of the county Csongrád – Csanád , Ersh Polner , opened the video conference.

By pointing out the pleasure , since this has been the second project of this kind of collaboration in the last two years , the secretary Milošević also emphasized its specific importance , starting from the fact that the cultural heritage in multi-ethnic communities is a special bridge of communication , civilizational legacy and the reverence for differences .

I am particularly glad that , Dragana Milošević stressed , the young from the county Csongrád , along with our children, will have the opportunity to become familiar and enrich their knowledge with the cultural heritage , its protection and preservation via workshops , education and comprehension of cultural heritage. The vice –president of the Assembly of the county Csongrád- Csanád , Ersh Polner , pointed out the satisfaction based on the fact that Interreg- IPA programme of the cross-border collaboration Hungary-Serbia would be implemented in the financial period between 2014-2020 of the European Union .

Marko Tešić and Filip Jovanović from the Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and the Relations with religious communities represented the plan and programme of activities of this project , worth 130.150,14 euros.

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