The second meeting was held online on 31st May 2021.

During the meeting CSCSMÖ stated that two public procurements, for PRAG of the experts and purchasing of the equipment, were completed. They, also, started the tender for the media coverage, while the rest of the public procurements was in the process. PSC will announce the public procurement for the media coverage in the next ten days. PSC further added there was a problem with the mail sending processes to CSCSMÖ, and in relation to that CSCSMÖ immediately responded that it would be solved. FEP stated that the tender for the mobile phone application would be made public as soon as the locations of the cultural heritage of the South Bačka county are confirmed with PSC. Along with that, CSCSMÖ will prepare, for their county, the list of locations of the cultural heritage. FEP stated that the project modification will be soon finished, just as that the publicity material will be completed till the end of June.