The third meeting was held in the rooms of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina on 7th September 2021.

Marko Tešić ( PSC ), the project manager, opened the meeting. He welcomed all the meeting’s participants and reviewed the previous events ( when opening the conference on 18th December 2020, and other major activities ). He emphasized the importance of the personal contact of this meeting …. and the upcoming activities such as workshops. After Marko Tešić’s speech, the participants reviewed the previous activities.

PSC looked back at the opening conference, along with the public procurements, so far realised by PSC ( PRAG expert, the media coverage, monitoring and reporting, website and social networks’ coverage and translations ).

CSCSMÖ informed the participants about the public procurements carried out by them. It was emhasized that the modification was necessary, and that it was possible for the first workshop to be held in Hungary, in October.

FEP advised CSCSMÖ on the necessary steps, in relation to the budget modification, and that it was equally essential for every partner to have consultations with Ágnes Dobrotka ( the programme manager of the entire project ), before the modification was completed.

During the meeting, all the partners agreed on the fact that both workshops ( one in Hungary ) and ( the other one in Serbia ), could be organised in October. It was also agreed that, during the students’ exchange programme, it was obligatory to respect all the epidemic measures, both in Hungary and Serbia, in reference to Covid 19, and if it was necessary, the activities would be further delayed.

FEP informed the other partners on the procedure in relation to the mobile application , discussing what locations should be included . FEP also distributed the publicity material ( notebooks , files and USBs ).