The IPA project of the cross-border collaboration Serbia – Hungary ’ The Young and Heritage ’ was presented

Novi Sad , 9th March 2022 , Stanislav Radulović , the Undersecretary of the Provincial Secretariat for Culture , Public Information and the Relations with religious communities , in the Master Centre Congress Hall of Novi Sad Fair , and within the International Book Fair and 26th exhibition ’ Art Expo ’ , greeted the participants of IPA project of the cross-border collaboration between Serbia and Hungary , named ’ The Young and Heritage’ .

’ Considering the fact that the project deals with the two important social categories , cultural heritage and the young , the activities were oriented towards the awareness raising of the essence of cultural heritage as the public goods among the young in the cross-border region via the innovative use of the media ’, Radulović pointed out and added the proposed project within the priority of the Programme of the cross- border collaboration was aimed at the collaboration incentive in the field of Tourism and Cultural Heritage .

As it was stated by the undersecretary , IPA programmes of European Union generally represent financial support for the collaboration of the neighbouring countries with the aim to improve the socio –economic, cultural and historical potential of those fields. The cross-border example , as Radulović considered , via this form of the international collaboration is always welcomed , but till the moment of its realisation , it is merely the tool , with whose help , there is the interaction of the people of different nationalities , cultures , languages , and it is the fact that the Sectoral Secretariat is the bearer of this project , what is our great honour .

As Radulović pointed out , the numerous connecting dots of the Republic of Serbia and Hungary chose us for this project , and above all , it is culture and creation and mutual cultural heritage , whilst, from the other point of view , there is the educational component of the young and their intensive participation in the processes of the protection of the cultural heritage via learning and the comprehension of the cultural diversities .

I would particularly point out , stated the undersecretary, that one of the most essential creators of Serbian culture , Miloš Crnjanski , was born in Csongrád , in 1893 , the very place after which our partner county bears its name .

’ The workshops for high school and university students within this project are very important , since they will provide the young with the perspective in cultural heritage in architecture , painting art , in the process of preservation and conservation of heritage , maintenance , motivation and knowledge ’ , Radulović stated, ‘ and those topics are of great significance , not only for us , but also for the entire multicultural Europe . ’

On behalf of the Gallery of Matica Srpska , Danilo Vuksanović talked about the activities performed so far , within the project, and the held workshops , and he pointed out that the project would be completed by the last workshop in the end of April .

The participants of today’s presentation of IPA project , were greeted by the assistant of the Sectoral Ministry , Mr Miroslav Ilić .